New Work For Us! Welcome, Mountainview Realty!

Posted Jul 21st, 2016

New Work For Us! Welcome, Mountainview Realty!

We're awfully excited today to welcome our new clients, Mountainview Realty, to our ranks!

Mountainview has been selling real estate here in Vancouver for nearly 30 years now. Their success and longevity is a result of hard work, and a focus on keeping up with the times.

Now, they're looking for a fresh take on their advertising, and a little polish when it comes to their branding, too.

We're thrilled (and honoured!) that this well-established and successful business is offering us this exciting opportunity. We're looking forward to helping Mountainview create a new look that's fresh and exciting, but also in keeping with their familiar local presence.

So, welcome, Mountainview! We're going to make a great team.

- Tim & the Impact Marketing Team

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